Make a positive impact on local and international communities

If you’re eager to give back to local and international communities through volunteerism, the School of International Letters and Cultures has a variety of outreach opportunities available to you.

Our community outreach programs are designed to give students a chance to gain professional experience while promoting personal growth, fostering empathy, building camaraderie and uniting communities.

Our outreach opportunities

Language Fair

We host an annual language fair to give high school students a chance to demonstrate their foreign language proficiency while experiencing a diverse range of other cultures and languages.

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Fall Forum in Classics

We bring more than 150 high school students studying Ancient Greek and Latin to Arizona State University and encourage them to continue studying the classics in college.

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We encourage people to join us at the homecoming block party for fun cultural and entertainment activities including calligraphy, henna tattoos, Germanic runes and more.

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ASU Open Door

We invite the public to join us on ASU’s Tempe campus to enjoy a variety of activities including international karaoke, mini-language lessons, music performances and more.

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Startalk program

We provide a 15-day intensive residential program for motivated 8th–12th graders in Arizona who want to expand their knowledge in Chinese language and culture.

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SILC Cup is an international friendly soccer tournament that is designed to build community within the school as well as outreach to potenitial students.

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The School of International Letters and Cultures invites anyone who is searching for a place to come and get to know people from across the world or surround themselves with languages from around the globe. This event is held every Wednesday and provides a space for those who want to practice a new language or meet new people.

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