SILC Learning Support Services provides support for and access to technology resources for language learning. Please contact us at or 480-965-3881, if you have any questions.

  • Computer classrooms for students in SILC courses.
  • Students are free to use any of the resources that are in the classrooms, for individual or group work, any time that they are not being used for a class.

     Check the room calendars for availability

  • Printing for students in SILC courses.
  • Access to keyboard layouts and input methods and for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Armenian, Persian and Hebrew.
  • Digital storytelling and podcast tools, including cameras, audio recorders and software to create video materials.
  • Headsets with microphones at each computer in the classrooms. 
  • Access to large screens and other tools that enable group work and collaboration.
  • Antidote HDa monolingual French spelling and grammar checker with extensive dictionaries and grammatical explanations. Required for French composition courses at the 300-level and above.
  • Streamed media for use in courses on culture, literature, language and film.
  • Checkout flatbed scanners for use in the LSS rooms.

ASU provides access to many tools that can be used for language learning — and other classes, too — at no additional cost. 

ASU outdoor Wifi availability