International friendly soccer tournament

 The SILC Cup is back for 2024! Gather your friends to participate in a friendly soccer tournament between students of the various language organizations and clubs throughout ASU.


  • Where: Sun Devil Fitness Complex East Field
  • When: Friday, April 5, 2024, 3–7 p.m.
  • Who: All the language organizations and clubs at ASU. Each team will represent its own language club and organization.
  • Registration:
    • Registration is $10.00 per team.
    • Students must be enrolled at ASU. 
    • Students may not register as individuals, they must be registered in teams of 5. 
    • Each team must be co-ed, consisting of at least one male and one female player. 
    • To register your teamcomplete the SILC Cup registration form. 
      • After you submit the form, you will then be provided with a payment link. 
    • You will need the following information to complete the form: 
      • Team name.
      • Club or organization you represent.
      • Contact name and email.
      • Player names with a signed waiver and photo release form for each player. 
    • Teams must register by March 22, 2024.
    • Please read below for details and rules about teams and game play. 

  • Contact: Enrico Minardi ( 
  • Jerseys: Each team should wear the same color shirt. 
  • Refreshments: Players will be provided with refreshments and water.
  • Prizes: The tournament’s winner will receive the SILC Cup, which will allow to keep for one year. 
  • Cheerleading: Cheerleaders are warmly invited to support their own teams with banderoles etc.!

Register your team

Official rules for the SILC Cup Soccer Tournament

  1. Teams will consist of 5 players with a minimum of one male and one female player. 
  2. At least one female and one male player for each team must be on the field at all times during the game.
  3. All games are 5 players vs 5 players — no goalies. 
  4. Each game will be 15 minutes long. 
  5. Every player must wear shin guards. Team members not wearing shin guards will not be permitted onto the playing field during the game.
  6. Kick-ins, as opposed to throw-ins, will be used when the ball goes out of play.
  7. When a team scores, the opposing team will take the ball out from behind their own net to restart play. 
  8. The winner gets 3 points and the loser will receive 0 points.
  9. In the group stage, if a game ends with a tie each team will be awarded 1 point. 
  10. Goal differential will be the tiebreaker to see who advances in the group stages to the knock-out rounds.
  11. In the event that everything is tied between two teams, each team will have a member kick the ball from the half field into the empty pug goal, until a team misses and the other makes. Each member must try once before a player can kick twice.
  12. If the game ends with a tie in knock-out rounds, the teams will play sudden death (“next goal wins”) to advance. Only 5 minutes overtime will be allowed before applying rule #11 in knockout stages as well.
  13. The team at the end of the group stages with the most points will receive a second round bye, putting them into the semi-finals. The team with the second-highest point total will receive a first round bye putting them into the quarter-finals.
  14. The top two teams from each group will advance. A third-team from any group with the highest point total will also advance. The 12 teams with the highest point total after the group stage games advance to the knockout round.
  15. All tiebreakers go head-to-head in an event of a three-way tie, then goal differential. If still tied after that, halfway kicks.
  16. No slide tackles.
  17. Keeper always outside the box.
  18. Substitutes on dead balls as many as you want.
  19. Score reported by the referee.
  20. Any score disputes, contact tournament committee.

Sun Devil Fitness Complex East Field