Modern Hebrew


Modern Hebrew is the spoken language of the State of Israel. As such, Modern Hebrew has all the features of a live language and the language is part of a vibrant culture.

The Modern Hebrew program starts from scratch as students gain vocabulary and grammar that enables them to read, write, listen, and converse in Modern Hebrew. Along with language learning, the students are also exposed to Israeli culture. Throughout the courses, a variety of topics will be covered in your classes such as:

  • Israeli Society and Culture,
  • Israeli Literature in Translation
  • Israeli Wars
  • Israeli Movies
  • Israeli songs and contemporary Israeli poetry
  • Israeli books of different literary genres: a murder mystery, an autobiography, and a love story
  • and other topics such as the building of the state, love and war, immigration to a new society, gender representation in society

Modern Hebrew has its own club, MEDABRIM, which meets weekly to socialize and practice conversing in Modern Hebrew, as well as having fun group activities such as cooking Israeli food and watching an Israeli movie.

Studying Modern Hebrew can prepare you for virtually any job. Learning a second language gives insights and critical skills that will inform any profession. Our students come from all disciplines.  They add our Modern Hebrew Certificate to their studies of:

  • History
  • Political Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • English (literature  concentration)

Students who have graduated from our program have acquired jobs such as:

  • The Foreign Office
  • Peace Corps
  • English Second language teacher
  • Academic Research in Israel
  • Rabbinical Career
  • Coordinator of the youth education program in synagogues

Successful completion of the curriculum satisfies ASU’s second language requirement. While these programs listed incorporate a certificate in Modern Hebrew, you can add this credential to anything you might be studying! Contact our advisors to find out how you can make it happen!


Modern Hebrew (Certificate)

Modern Hebrew

A certificate in modern Hebrew adds context and nuance to any study of the complex issues at play in the current Middle East.

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Outreach Programs


MEDABRIM: The purpose of this organization shall be to offer a casual and social atmosphere in which individuals interested in the Hebrew Language can practice their skills, at their level, and learn more. This organization will promote the use of spoken and written Modern Hebrew both on campus and in the community at large. Members will be encouraged to utilize as much Hebrew as possible during organization events, though they will not be obligated to speak exclusively in Hebrew. In fact, Hebrish (or Engbrew) (the mixing of Hebrew and English) will be encouraged. The main point of this organization is not necessarily to learn Hebrew (though a lot of learning will occur) rather to practice and improve the Hebrew that one already knows in a non-stressful and fun environment with a strong focus on communication. We believe that in this atmosphere the participants will improve their Hebrew proficiency 

The SILC Attaches Club is a club that brings all languages and cultures from SILC together. People are able to learn about different cultures in a fun way when studying a language. Understanding different cultures are such an important attribute to have, and it is one you can obtain through SILC Attaches. This club creates community events and outreach projects and plans fun get-togethers.


The ability to speak another language opens up more opportunities for scholarships and fellowships. Take a look at our SILC scholarships. ASU also offers an extensive database for you to search through and find the right ones to apply for. 

Here is a list of a few scholarships specific for language: